Bio: Rtn Prem Prasad Sharma

Rtn Prem Prasad Sharma

Bio Data:

President 2017-18
Spouse : Durga K. Sharma (Baral)

Children : 2
Tel : 061-463203 (O), 061-461816 (R)
Cell : 9856020303
Email : [email protected]
DOB : 14 Chitra WA : 29 Magh
Blood : B+ve

Business and Ventures:

Nepal Mandala Book Shop

Since 1991, Nepal Mandala Book Shop has existed as a tiny island of peace in a fast-moving world.
Thriving and growing every year, the business that started from a post-card board selling postcards to tourists in the heart of Lakeside has grown to be one of the hidden Jewels of Pokhara with floor-to-ceiling stacks of books and a generally inclusive vibe that makes it seem like a neighborhood spot for anyone and everyone. It now has one of the largest collection of books in Nepal and is a place you can easily get lost in. The shelves are filled with books you might have a hard time finding anywhere else in Nepal- the bookstore holds around 1 million books in stock and is a wholesale distributor as well.

About Books Mandala:

BooksMandala is a brainchild of Mandala IT Solutions.

The aspiration of the project is to create a community of book lovers online who could one day, use the platform to share their love of reading, connect with other bookworms, and support their love of reading.

The aim is to get more people in Nepal to read books, to eventually encourage more people in Nepal to write and to make reading less intimidating.BooksMandala currently specializes in the online sales of books, featuring a lofty collection of more than 21,000 different titles of books to choose from. New, used and collectible books by all authors of a wide spectrum of subjects are available at reasonable prices and book readers can easily stock their shelves at the comforts of their home through a safe delivery system. The team delivers to major cities of Nepal and overseas.

BooksMandala also uses social media platforms to provide meaningful content to people who love to read with the use of different visual and audio formats. The project has grown to include podcasts as well and the team is working on adding new features to the project every day. If you are a reader or if you think you have some insightful knowledge to share with the community of readers that have been built by the team, you can get in touch with them. For collaborations: [email protected] or @booksmandala on all social platforms.