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11th Installation Ceremony- Rotary Club of Pokhara Newroad

The 11th Installation Ceremony of Rotary Club of Pokhara Newroad was held on the 1st of july 2020.

In the past years, the Installation Ceremony used to be held at the club secretariat in Hotel Barahi in the presence of Presidents and fellow Rotarians, Community Leaders, Rotraractors, friends and family but the 11th Installation Ceremony was a game changer- adjustments had to be made because of the Covid 19 Pandemic so very few people were invited to the event as most had to attend it virtually.

As the pandemic had meant that it’s vital to limit social contact and avoid large gatherings, the event took place at the homely Dheentheba Fast Food & Coffee House, based at Bastolathar, Pokhara that catered to our needs during the difficult times and made it possible for us to organize the event,

The Chief guest of the event was Mr. Santosh Rijal and it was inaugurated through a zoom call, beginning with a National Anthem . 

Special guests of the event were AG-Bishnuhari Timilsina and DRR Sanjiv Poudel and the number of people physically attending the event was limited to 40.

The program was chaired by the president  Mr Pashupati Sharma and conducted by secretary Amrit Raj Bastola. Likewise, the welcome speech was delivered by program coordinator Mr Puspakamal Sharama and the Plan of action for the year was shared by Mr President along with his acceptance speech.

The Vote of Thanks was given by President Nominee Mrs Geeta Sigdel.

Past President-Subash Sigdel- also the editor inaugurated the newly designed website of the club and shared his views regarding website and club bulletin which has now replaced the regular publication as a souvenir and the outgoing president Mr Dinesh Bastola thanked all the members of the club who had helped him make the Rotary Year successful.

Here are some of the highlights of the event:

Handover of the Rotary Certificate, Gong and Gable and the Rotary Collar to the President Mr Pashupati Sharma by Past Presidents.
President Rtn. Pashupati Sharma delivering his acceptance speech with Plan of action for the Rotary year 2020/21
Past President Subash Sigdel, Tuba Raj Bastola, Dilip Raj Shrestha, Invited guests and club members.
From Right: Club Secretary Amrit Raj Bastola, DRRO Sanjeev Poudel, Special Guest AG. Bishnu Hari Timilsina, First Lady Januka Regmi Sharma, President of the Club Pashupati Sharma, Outgoing President Dinesh Chandra Bastola and his first lady Jamuna Bastola.

Bio: Rtn Prem Prasad Sharma

Rtn Prem Prasad Sharma

Bio Data:

President 2017-18
Spouse : Durga K. Sharma (Baral)

Children : 2
Tel : 061-463203 (O), 061-461816 (R)
Cell : 9856020303
Email : [email protected]
DOB : 14 Chitra WA : 29 Magh
Blood : B+ve

Business and Ventures:

Nepal Mandala Book Shop

Since 1991, Nepal Mandala Book Shop has existed as a tiny island of peace in a fast-moving world.
Thriving and growing every year, the business that started from a post-card board selling postcards to tourists in the heart of Lakeside has grown to be one of the hidden Jewels of Pokhara with floor-to-ceiling stacks of books and a generally inclusive vibe that makes it seem like a neighborhood spot for anyone and everyone. It now has one of the largest collection of books in Nepal and is a place you can easily get lost in. The shelves are filled with books you might have a hard time finding anywhere else in Nepal- the bookstore holds around 1 million books in stock and is a wholesale distributor as well.

About Books Mandala:

BooksMandala is a brainchild of Mandala IT Solutions.

The aspiration of the project is to create a community of book lovers online who could one day, use the platform to share their love of reading, connect with other bookworms, and support their love of reading.

The aim is to get more people in Nepal to read books, to eventually encourage more people in Nepal to write and to make reading less intimidating.BooksMandala currently specializes in the online sales of books, featuring a lofty collection of more than 21,000 different titles of books to choose from. New, used and collectible books by all authors of a wide spectrum of subjects are available at reasonable prices and book readers can easily stock their shelves at the comforts of their home through a safe delivery system. The team delivers to major cities of Nepal and overseas.

BooksMandala also uses social media platforms to provide meaningful content to people who love to read with the use of different visual and audio formats. The project has grown to include podcasts as well and the team is working on adding new features to the project every day. If you are a reader or if you think you have some insightful knowledge to share with the community of readers that have been built by the team, you can get in touch with them. For collaborations: [email protected] or @booksmandala on all social platforms.


Message from the Editor

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.

Winston S. Churchill

COVID 19 is an opportunity for every Rotarian to do the best to the community.

Our Rotary International President has given us the Theme “Rotary Opens Opportunities” and the District Governor’s slogan is “We can Together”. Both of these themes and slogans are able to encourage and empower every Rotarian towards making an impact in community.

We can make an impact at society only by bringing positive change to the lives of people around us. Be it through eradicating polio, building schools, toilets or community centers, imparting vocational training and education, or organizing disaster relief, we make or enable positive change.

This website gives you a glimpse into our 10- year history.

It gives you an idea of what the Rotary Club of Pokhara Newroad has achieved by giving service to the society. We believe in service not only because it is right; but also because it is also good for us.


Take the 4-way test conceptualized by Rotary:

Is it the truth?

Is it fair to all concerned?

Will it build goodwill and better friendship?

Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

If we follow the four-way test and meet its standards of fairness and probity, we will contribute to a better society.

That in turn means greater success in our business or professions. Our business thrives when society does. We have many people to thank. Our donors, our advertisers, our well-wishers, the public.

Special thanks to the Ms Pratima Sharma for special support to design this website. This website is being released on the occasion of our 1 th Installation Ceremony 1st July 2020.

We believe that our good deeds – like that everywhere – can create a ripple effect and stimulate more good by others.

Rotary Opens opportunities and together, all of us can make a difference.

-Subash Sigdel
President 2013-14
Club Editor

Clem Renouf, the RI president who inspired Rotary’s polio eradication efforts, dies

Sir Clem Renouf, the 1978-79 Rotary International president who helped propel Rotary toward its top goal of eradicating polio worldwide, has died at age 99.

Renouf was a member of the Rotary Club of Nambour, Queensland, Australia, for 70 years. He served as RI director, Foundation trustee, district governor, RI committee member and chair, and International Assembly discussion leader.

In early 1979, on a flight home from the Philippines, Renouf read a magazine story about the eradication of smallpox. He wondered if Rotary’s new Health, Hunger and Humanities (3-H) Grants could be used to eliminate another disease. They, for the first time, allowed Rotary projects to be taken on by more than just one club or district.

Renouf consulted with a friend, John Sever, who was a district governor in Maryland, USA, and chief of infectious diseases at the United States National Institutes of Health. Sever happened to be friends with Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin, who developed polio vaccines in the 1950s and 1960s. After doing some research, Sever said that polio would be the best disease for Rotary to work on.

“Clem then set his sights on polio eradication as a Rotary worldwide project,” wrote Ray Klinginsmith, 2010-11 Rotary International president, in a tribute to Renouf. In November 1979, the RI Board agreed to set the eradication of polio as a primary goal of the 3-H program.

Renouf was instrumental in raising funds for the early effort. “In order to raise money, Clem asked all the clubs to contribute some cash, which was about $15 per member, for service projects, and the appeal raised the surprising amount of $7 million,” Klinginsmith wrote. “Part of that money was then used to fund the first polio immunization project in the Philippines … The success was real”

In 1985, Rotary launched the PolioPlus program, and it later spearheaded the Global Polio Eradication Initiative with its partners — national governments, the World Health Organization, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and UNICEF. The GPEI continues to pursue worldwide eradication of polio.

Renouf served in the Royal Australian Air Force during World War II. After the war, he was an accountant and partner in the firm of Renouf and Clarke. He was an associate of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries and Administrators and a fellow of the Australian Society of CPAs, later called CPA Australia. He was also a founder of Sundale Garden Village for the elderly.

Rotary honored Renouf with the PolioPlus Pioneer Award for his extraordinary service to PolioPlus, as well as the Service Above Self Award, Rotary Foundation Citation for Meritorious Service, and Rotary Foundation Distinguished Service Award. He was a Rotary Foundation Benefactor and Major Donor and a member of the Paul Harris Society and the Bequest Society.

Klinginsmith described Renouf as quiet but a natural leader.

“Clem was always kind and supportive of younger Rotarians, and he is the one who gave me a chance to travel the Rotary Road,” Klinginsmith wrote. “Rotary would not be at the high point it is today without the improvements made by Clem and his team.”