Message From President

Dear Fellow Rotarians, Warm Greetings!

I would like to begin by expressing my sincere thanks to all the members of our club for placing your confidence and trust in me to serve as the president of our club Rotary Club of Pokhara Newroad for the year 2017/18. I have taken it as an opportunity to work for the club and community.
Congratulations to the President Tuba Raj Bastola and his team for the successful proofreading prices completion of the Rota year 2016/17 and their proficient performance. Similarly, I am thankful to all the past presidents and all members of our club for their contribution to rotary and for the establishment of RPCN as one of the leading clubs of our district.
Using the motto of a�?Service Above Selfa��, people of different backgrounds from all over the world have joined hands to solve problems related to the six areas of focus to a�?make a differencea��. As Rotary International president Ian HS Riseley announced the presidential theme for the year 2017/18; Rotary: Making a difference, I am confident that our RCPN team and family along with Rotaracts, Innerwheels, Interacts and RCC will bring a positive change in our society and make a difference.
Rotarians believe in teamwork. Therefore, I am positive about the task because I know that our senior leaders, team members and Rotary family will always support and help us achieve our plan of actions which are the propositions of providing clean drinking water facilities, building school libraries, conducting health camps, building mobile and Girla��s toilets and showcasing the deeds of Rotary through internet and publishing medias.
Finally, I would like to thank the publication committee and all those who provided their generous contribution for the publication of this souvenir book. Our efforts will be our gift to humanity so I look forward to your continued guidance and support for a successful journey of nobility.
Together everyone achieves more. Thank you!

Rtn Prem Prasad Sharma
Rotary Club of Pokhara Newroad
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